Pregnancy advice I received…some good, some not so much

Everyone has their opinions about pregnancy, how to do something or what not to do and what to do.

Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional, these are just my opinions and some of the advice (good and bad) I received while pregnant.

I LOVED being pregnant with Milah. Amazing doesn’t even touch it, I had no morning sickness and very little nausea. I may have been a little hormonal and may have been a bitch to a few people though. I worked full time with my first pregnancy and a lot of my clients (regular and not) told me some pretty interesting stuff…some good and some pretty bad. Luckily, I’m smart enough to know, if something doesn’t sound right, your doctor is always a great person to turn to!

1. Lotion/oil often. I wasn’t worried about stretch marks because I believe that if you are meant to get them, they will come not matter how much you oil you bathe yourself in. What I am talking about it itchy skin…OMG, itchy skin! Please don’t scratch it, either. There is nothing fun about stretching skin and because it itches, it’s worse. 1st pregnancy I used Palmer’s belly oil, this time I’m using Oh mama! luscious belly oil. I love the smell, but it is a little expensive for a 4 ounce bottle, $17.99.

2. Prenatal Vitamins. This is something that needs to be discussed between you and your doctor. You may need something different than what your friend or sister took. Everyone has different nutritional needs and based on that, you could need something prescribed. I tend to be anemic and need extra iron and Vitamin C.

3. Morning Sickness. Every women is different. My best friend is struggling (still) with HG, which is extreme morning sickness. She is starting to pull out of it, but very slowly. Again, please talk to your doctor about the safe medicines you can take for morning sickness. I was able to take Dramamine at night, right before bed and by the time I woke in the morning, I had no sickness or nausea! But I was told by my mother in law to “just puke and get it over with”, ick. I can’t do it!

4. Things you should and shouldn’t be doing. I worked full time my first pregnancy, and I was a hair stylist. People loss their minds over this subject. I always had to laugh when women would come to get their hair cut and they would refuse color because of being pregnant. Now I understand some people just don’t want to do it, but they would tell me that the chemicals soak into your blood stream and harm the baby. Here is my opinion: If I (and millions of other pregnant women) can color your hair while we are pregnant, you can get your hair colored or highlighted while pregnant. Its does not soak into your blood stream, if it did, we wouldn’t be doing hair while knocked up. Heavy-lifting is another one that is border line annoying. I never had a lifting restriction until the last few weeks of my first pregnancy, but I wasn’t allowed to lift anything heavy at work…I couldn’t even push stuff with my hands or feet there. I lifted a 25 pound schnauzer multiple times a day and never had issues, I had more issues getting in and out of my tiny Ford Focus, which left bruises on my arms and a pulled muscle in my side because I was a blimp trying to get out a seat that was 6 inches from the ground. Painting-touchy subject right now. My mother in law is coming to help me paint…one of these days. I asked my doctor awhile ago if I was allowed to paint and she said it was fine as long as I wear a painting mask, just to keep the fumes at bay. And obviously, open windows to vent fumes out. I’m sure there are a million more that I’m missing from this section.

5. Staying active-best advice ever (ish). I was very active with Milah. I worked on my feet 5 or 6 days a week and walked everywhere. Staying active is supposed to help make you labor and delivery easy. I think mine would have been a ton better if I didn’t have my membranes stripped. Staying active shouldn’t be about helping labor, it should be about staying healthy.

Whatever you choose is great! Just remember, if you have ANY questions or concerns, your doctor should be the first person you talk to you. I really hate when all these Mommy pages on Facebook have people write in and they are worried about something that could be serious…and they are asking opinions of uneducated strangers instead of seeking immediate medical attention.



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