Names, nursery, and rearranging…Oh my!

We live in a three bedroom apartment, you think that would be enough space for us. But it’s not. David’s games and computer are in my kitchen/dining room and we have a desk and computer in our room also. We just got rid of the spare bed in Milah’s new room but the wall needs to be painted and bedding needs to bed ordered. We got her new bed last week but waiting on safety rails and bedding right now.

First on the agenda; names. Ugh. Stressed but not worrying about it yet. Here is our dilemma, my husband and his father both have the same initials. DJP…I am having a hard time finding a D name that I like that my husband approves of. We have been through that list at least 20 times since the beginning of this pregnancy. My conclusion is that boys names are HARD! End of story!

Second-nursery. I did this with Milah also. I didn’t have a theme or anything picked out until I was at least 30 plus weeks. I know what colors I want for the baby boy nursery but I have been taken back a notch because Pottery Barn Kids discontinued the bedding I loved!!! Why, pottery barn, whhhyyy?!?! So now I’m on the hunt for the perfect bedding…again! I still want to keep the colors I have picked out.

Third-painting and rearranging. Ugh. The “nursery” is pink right now, so that needs changed. Milah’s room and the nursery will both be gray now. Just because it’s fairly neutral and easy the match. Bout it’s not that simple. I have a ton of totes and boxes to move…and clothes and gamer stuff. Lol.

Luckily, I don’t work, which is good and bad. But we are taking everything day by day.


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