It’s a….

What a day?!?! Before we even got our day started, it was crazy!

First, we had a mandatory pest control visit for our complex, which they do every 6  months or so. Then shower and get ready for my sonogram and appt. We jump into my fairly new Outlander Sport to only find it dead…again…for the second time in a month. Livid is the word I will use for this. We pulled the car seat out and quickly, but safely, latched into the Mini Cooper, which thankfully we have!! We luckily only live like 5 blocks from our hospital which also houses all of our other offices! Milah’s pediatrician and my ob-gyn is there, so we don’t have to go far.

We went into the sonogram not knowing what to expect. We were confident the first time that it was a boy and Milah is definitely not a boy. This pregnancy has been much different from the first, but every pregnancy is different.

We get settled into the small dark room and get started. The first thing we see and the tech says is, oh my, well it looks like you’re having a boy. It was clear as day! There it was! Definitely a boy, I thought she was joking at first but the sonogram didn’t lie. He wasn’t shy either, he rolled around and exposed himself several times. We are still in a state of shock, I think. Beyond excited though. My mother in law is losing her mind though. This will be the first grandson on my husband’s side. She called me at least 4 times between Noon and 3pm today. All family was called or they received text messages before making it “Facebook official”.

My doctors appt went as usual. No weight gain, which I was worried about but the baby is measuring a week bigger than 19 weeks. They are not moving my due date until closer to June/July. My doctor thinks I will have this baby before the 4th though, which is good, as long as I don’t have him on the 4th. But she also thinks he will level out in growth before then so hopefully I won’t have a big baby.

He really was an amazing sonogram to watch. Milah was curled up and didn’t really roll and jump like this one did. He was so busy!! We are still trying to come up with a name and have nothing in mind right now.


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