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17-18 weeks pregnancy update

The nice thing about taking prenatal vitamins, your cold doesn’t last long! I still have that annoying “runny” nose that really doesn’t run, it’s more like a drip that isn’t enough to make me blow my nose. Instead I walk around with a Kleenex shoved in one nostril. Annoying!

This week I have had a ton of fetal movement. We spent the weekend in Kansas City with our friends and I had to go out on Saturday to buy maternity shirts because I literally grew overnight. We had a great weekend though!!! We also got about 10 inches of snow Tuesday into Wednesday morning…on top of the 4 inches we got the Friday before. Welcome back to the Midwest. I’m starting to miss Virginia…a lot.

I’m also getting ready to switch rooms and paint…and clean closets and sort clothes, toys, and a ton of other crap!!! We find out the gender of baby #2 on the 13th of February and we are hoping pink is out of the question. I have so many baby girl clothes (and by so many, I mean, a SHIT TON) excuse my language. I have totes and totes and totes of girl clothes. Either way, we are excited to be welcoming another Paquin into the family. The only problem I have is, I am not allowed to move heavy furniture and totes by myself. So, I’m basically waiting for my husband and his three-day weekend that I’m ruining by making him move furniture. Milah’s new twin bed arrives on Valentines’s Day and my dad is bringing our new-used hide a bed to us that weekend, also!

We are also on a fresh fruit kick this week too! We are ready for summer and fresh fruit is what I have been craving! Bennett has even jumped on the fresh fruit eating!!!

We have a fairly busy weekend and we ahead of us now. Milah is 100%, so we don’t have to hover over her this weekend with a Kleenex. David does have an allergy appt tomorrow and maybe try to get something for this cold he can not kick. But I want to get the spare room done so it can be
turned into Milah’s room soon!!

Have a great week!!!



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