Pregnancy advice I received…some good, some not so much

Everyone has their opinions about pregnancy, how to do something or what not to do and what to do.

Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional, these are just my opinions and some of the advice (good and bad) I received while pregnant.

I LOVED being pregnant with Milah. Amazing doesn’t even touch it, I had no morning sickness and very little nausea. I may have been a little hormonal and may have been a bitch to a few people though. I worked full time with my first pregnancy and a lot of my clients (regular and not) told me some pretty interesting stuff…some good and some pretty bad. Luckily, I’m smart enough to know, if something doesn’t sound right, your doctor is always a great person to turn to!

1. Lotion/oil often. I wasn’t worried about stretch marks because I believe that if you are meant to get them, they will come not matter how much you oil you bathe yourself in. What I am talking about it itchy skin…OMG, itchy skin! Please don’t scratch it, either. There is nothing fun about stretching skin and because it itches, it’s worse. 1st pregnancy I used Palmer’s belly oil, this time I’m using Oh mama! luscious belly oil. I love the smell, but it is a little expensive for a 4 ounce bottle, $17.99.

2. Prenatal Vitamins. This is something that needs to be discussed between you and your doctor. You may need something different than what your friend or sister took. Everyone has different nutritional needs and based on that, you could need something prescribed. I tend to be anemic and need extra iron and Vitamin C.

3. Morning Sickness. Every women is different. My best friend is struggling (still) with HG, which is extreme morning sickness. She is starting to pull out of it, but very slowly. Again, please talk to your doctor about the safe medicines you can take for morning sickness. I was able to take Dramamine at night, right before bed and by the time I woke in the morning, I had no sickness or nausea! But I was told by my mother in law to “just puke and get it over with”, ick. I can’t do it!

4. Things you should and shouldn’t be doing. I worked full time my first pregnancy, and I was a hair stylist. People loss their minds over this subject. I always had to laugh when women would come to get their hair cut and they would refuse color because of being pregnant. Now I understand some people just don’t want to do it, but they would tell me that the chemicals soak into your blood stream and harm the baby. Here is my opinion: If I (and millions of other pregnant women) can color your hair while we are pregnant, you can get your hair colored or highlighted while pregnant. Its does not soak into your blood stream, if it did, we wouldn’t be doing hair while knocked up. Heavy-lifting is another one that is border line annoying. I never had a lifting restriction until the last few weeks of my first pregnancy, but I wasn’t allowed to lift anything heavy at work…I couldn’t even push stuff with my hands or feet there. I lifted a 25 pound schnauzer multiple times a day and never had issues, I had more issues getting in and out of my tiny Ford Focus, which left bruises on my arms and a pulled muscle in my side because I was a blimp trying to get out a seat that was 6 inches from the ground. Painting-touchy subject right now. My mother in law is coming to help me paint…one of these days. I asked my doctor awhile ago if I was allowed to paint and she said it was fine as long as I wear a painting mask, just to keep the fumes at bay. And obviously, open windows to vent fumes out. I’m sure there are a million more that I’m missing from this section.

5. Staying active-best advice ever (ish). I was very active with Milah. I worked on my feet 5 or 6 days a week and walked everywhere. Staying active is supposed to help make you labor and delivery easy. I think mine would have been a ton better if I didn’t have my membranes stripped. Staying active shouldn’t be about helping labor, it should be about staying healthy.

Whatever you choose is great! Just remember, if you have ANY questions or concerns, your doctor should be the first person you talk to you. I really hate when all these Mommy pages on Facebook have people write in and they are worried about something that could be serious…and they are asking opinions of uneducated strangers instead of seeking immediate medical attention.



Names, nursery, and rearranging…Oh my!

We live in a three bedroom apartment, you think that would be enough space for us. But it’s not. David’s games and computer are in my kitchen/dining room and we have a desk and computer in our room also. We just got rid of the spare bed in Milah’s new room but the wall needs to be painted and bedding needs to bed ordered. We got her new bed last week but waiting on safety rails and bedding right now.

First on the agenda; names. Ugh. Stressed but not worrying about it yet. Here is our dilemma, my husband and his father both have the same initials. DJP…I am having a hard time finding a D name that I like that my husband approves of. We have been through that list at least 20 times since the beginning of this pregnancy. My conclusion is that boys names are HARD! End of story!

Second-nursery. I did this with Milah also. I didn’t have a theme or anything picked out until I was at least 30 plus weeks. I know what colors I want for the baby boy nursery but I have been taken back a notch because Pottery Barn Kids discontinued the bedding I loved!!! Why, pottery barn, whhhyyy?!?! So now I’m on the hunt for the perfect bedding…again! I still want to keep the colors I have picked out.

Third-painting and rearranging. Ugh. The “nursery” is pink right now, so that needs changed. Milah’s room and the nursery will both be gray now. Just because it’s fairly neutral and easy the match. Bout it’s not that simple. I have a ton of totes and boxes to move…and clothes and gamer stuff. Lol.

Luckily, I don’t work, which is good and bad. But we are taking everything day by day.


It’s a….

What a day?!?! Before we even got our day started, it was crazy!

First, we had a mandatory pest control visit for our complex, which they do every 6  months or so. Then shower and get ready for my sonogram and appt. We jump into my fairly new Outlander Sport to only find it dead…again…for the second time in a month. Livid is the word I will use for this. We pulled the car seat out and quickly, but safely, latched into the Mini Cooper, which thankfully we have!! We luckily only live like 5 blocks from our hospital which also houses all of our other offices! Milah’s pediatrician and my ob-gyn is there, so we don’t have to go far.

We went into the sonogram not knowing what to expect. We were confident the first time that it was a boy and Milah is definitely not a boy. This pregnancy has been much different from the first, but every pregnancy is different.

We get settled into the small dark room and get started. The first thing we see and the tech says is, oh my, well it looks like you’re having a boy. It was clear as day! There it was! Definitely a boy, I thought she was joking at first but the sonogram didn’t lie. He wasn’t shy either, he rolled around and exposed himself several times. We are still in a state of shock, I think. Beyond excited though. My mother in law is losing her mind though. This will be the first grandson on my husband’s side. She called me at least 4 times between Noon and 3pm today. All family was called or they received text messages before making it “Facebook official”.

My doctors appt went as usual. No weight gain, which I was worried about but the baby is measuring a week bigger than 19 weeks. They are not moving my due date until closer to June/July. My doctor thinks I will have this baby before the 4th though, which is good, as long as I don’t have him on the 4th. But she also thinks he will level out in growth before then so hopefully I won’t have a big baby.

He really was an amazing sonogram to watch. Milah was curled up and didn’t really roll and jump like this one did. He was so busy!! We are still trying to come up with a name and have nothing in mind right now.

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Big week!

This week is the turning point in every pregnancy. It’s the week you (hopefully) get to find out your baby’s gender!!! Eekkk!!

So this is where I’m starting this week, wondering what this little one’s gender is. We always want health to come first but I ALWAYS call bull (sh*t) when people say they don’t care what the gender is as long as the baby is healthy. I kind of agree with the statement but, seriously, I know most people have a preference. We already have a girl so a boy would be awesome!

Now, I’m not really following “old wives tales” because they’re old for a reason. And most of the time, they are definitely tales. Most of my symptoms and the old wives tales pointed to a boy with Milah…well Milah is definitely not a boy. Even though she does like to be dirty and really doesn’t like dresses. But occasionally, she will me put girly stuff on her and let me do her hair.

I kind of trust my mother in law’s sixth sense more than the old wives tales. She is legit. Like…seriously freaking me out about this. She just knows…it’s weird. She knew my sister in law, myself, and my husband’s cousin were all having girls. She is now convinced I’m having a boy this time, I’m hoping she is right! We find out Thursday, February 13th, 2014.

Either way, we are excited and can not wait to find out!

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17-18 weeks pregnancy update

The nice thing about taking prenatal vitamins, your cold doesn’t last long! I still have that annoying “runny” nose that really doesn’t run, it’s more like a drip that isn’t enough to make me blow my nose. Instead I walk around with a Kleenex shoved in one nostril. Annoying!

This week I have had a ton of fetal movement. We spent the weekend in Kansas City with our friends and I had to go out on Saturday to buy maternity shirts because I literally grew overnight. We had a great weekend though!!! We also got about 10 inches of snow Tuesday into Wednesday morning…on top of the 4 inches we got the Friday before. Welcome back to the Midwest. I’m starting to miss Virginia…a lot.

I’m also getting ready to switch rooms and paint…and clean closets and sort clothes, toys, and a ton of other crap!!! We find out the gender of baby #2 on the 13th of February and we are hoping pink is out of the question. I have so many baby girl clothes (and by so many, I mean, a SHIT TON) excuse my language. I have totes and totes and totes of girl clothes. Either way, we are excited to be welcoming another Paquin into the family. The only problem I have is, I am not allowed to move heavy furniture and totes by myself. So, I’m basically waiting for my husband and his three-day weekend that I’m ruining by making him move furniture. Milah’s new twin bed arrives on Valentines’s Day and my dad is bringing our new-used hide a bed to us that weekend, also!

We are also on a fresh fruit kick this week too! We are ready for summer and fresh fruit is what I have been craving! Bennett has even jumped on the fresh fruit eating!!!

We have a fairly busy weekend and we ahead of us now. Milah is 100%, so we don’t have to hover over her this weekend with a Kleenex. David does have an allergy appt tomorrow and maybe try to get something for this cold he can not kick. But I want to get the spare room done so it can be
turned into Milah’s room soon!!

Have a great week!!!