16 to 17 week-Pregnancy update

Ugh…week 16 wasn’t bad other than Milah was sick and I was exhausted for the lack of sleep. And now, entering week 17, I have the cold! Thanks Mimi!

My doctor’s appt went great, still haven’t gained any weight, which is normal for me. I talked to my Ob-gyn about a few things I was interested in trying during birth and afterwards. She is totally on board and reassured me that all the doctor’s and our hospital are very good about meeting the needs or demands of a birth plan!

The first thing I discussed with her was delayed cord clamping. We kind of did this with Milah, but because she had to be vacuumed out, we couldn’t wait as long as we wanted to due to the NICU team waiting to check her over. Delayed cord clamping is basically just waiting for the cord to stop pulsating and getting most of the blood from the placenta into the baby as possible. It has amazing health benefits for the baby, especially for preemie babies. The baby receives more iron and is less likely to have anemia issues in the next few months. I have read some articles that are claiming this to be an issue for jaundice. I talked to my doctor and she said there is no proof behind it, just because your baby is getting more blood doesn’t mean their body won’t break it down. Jaundice is a billirubin level issue and not a “blood supply” issue. Either way, it’s worth a shot!

The second thing we discussed is Placenta Encapsulation. Now, I know it sounds gross, I made my dad, who used to buy us bras and tampons, cringe at the word. My mom and I were surprised that he even knew what a placenta was. Placenta Encapsulation is consumption of the placenta, yes, but not like eating it raw or throwing chunks into a smoothie. It will be drained of any remaining blood, steamed, dehydrated and then blended into a powder fine enough for little capsules. I have done TONS of research and have asked TONS of questions on this topic. Some health benefits that I was/am very interested in are increased milk supply. I struggled with my milk supply for Milah, I tried everything from Mother’s Milk tea, lactation cookies, a nursing blend supplement and Fenugreek. I also drank tons of water and never took hot showers or baths. But I also had to supplement Milah with formula due to her jaundice, which will not happen again. Other benefits range from; helping postpartum depression, healing your body/uterus quicker, and holds Oxytocin, for pain and bonding and Hemoglobin for any iron deficiencies or anemia issues. I tend to be anemic anyways, so this was another benefit for me.

I also get to go in at 19 weeks for my anatomy/gender scan! I am having the hardest time waiting for anything happen with this pregnancy compared to Milah. We should be able to announce on Valentine’s Day what the gender is, if the little one cooperates and shows us!


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