Milah is sick…and I am tired.

I knew it was going to happen, but the fact that we went almost 22 months without it happening is amazing. Not only that but we had traveled to Iowa for the weekend to visit family.

We got into Iowa right around dinner time Thursday night. She was fine until around 930 pm. Her nose started to run and she has never, ever had a runny nose or a fever. It went downhill from there. By 130am, Milah had started crying in her crib so I moved her to my bed. She then spiked a fever of about 102 degrees, so I stripped her down. She was never fussy after I laid her down with me but I knew it was going to be a long weekend. I cancelled any plans I had made so I could tend to her.

Friday morning I called her pediatrician to find out what I needed to do. They wanted me to break the fever first with Tylenol and Motrin alternated every 4-6 hours and clean her nose out with saline drops and the bulb sucker. So we started medicating. She does fine with Tylenol but didn’t handle the Motrin well. Milah did ok most of the day, until she woke up from a late afternoon nap and there was more family and a new puppy at my mom’s house. She cried most of that night until we gave her a warm bath and she had a massive poopy diaper.

Friday night was horrific. She didn’t sleep well and every time she would move, she started crying and saying ouchie! We made a decision and we almost left the next morning for home. I called the local clinic in my home town and found that they were taking walk-ins until noon and they accepted our insurance. Thank God, we needed to have Milah seen by a doctor. We found out she had a super bad cold and a slight ear infection. We were able to get some antibiotics and some other medicine for her cough and nose. But the crying after waking from naps and in the morning were still happening. I had to miss the bridal fair and a family dinner to make sure she was comfortable and some what happy. Saturday night she slept much better but still not the best. The crying had stopped but the tossing and turning and coughing still continued.

We decided to leave by noon or so on Sunday due to snow and wind coming in. She didn’t eat any breakfast and slept in the recliner instead. I actually had to play hair stylist that morning and cut some family’s hair. We left around 1230pm and headed south. Milah slept almost the entire ride home. Which was good and bad, she was quiet but then she was awake for 3 hours in the middle of the night that night.

I have been laying her down with me that last few nights. We have a spare bed and I wanted David to get to good rest because of the weekend.

Tuesday was a completely different day, she played and was happy. Wednesday was even better. She slept all night and didn’t wake until 930am. The weather was beautiful so we ran a few errands and looked at a couple of twin beds! Bennett has been amazing this last week, he was definitely worried about his baby sister. He never whined or begged.

David and I on the other hand have both woke up with sore throats and stuffy noses. Milah is on the down side of her cold and is a completely different girl today! Her nose is still runny but she is eating and playing like before. She loved bed shopping an we can’t wait for the weekend!
The difference between a couple of nights!




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