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Bringing Milah home to Bennett


This is our sweet little Bennett. He came to us after we had moved from Iowa to Virginia. David was traveling a lot and I was home by myself at least once a month for a few days. My husband is also very allergic to dogs, cats and basically 1/3 of the outdoors. Bennett is a Miniature Schnauzer and considered to be “hypoallergenic”, He doesn’t shed or have dander, and he was the perfect size for our tiny apartment. We bought Bennett 6 months into trying to conceive with our 1st and because I didn’t work at the time, I toted him everywhere with me and babied him like he was our first born! 5 months after bringing him home we found out we were pregnant…

We did everything to prepare him; took him around families, brought a baby doll home and even brought a hat that Milah had worn for him to smell before we brought her in. I read several books, blogs, and talked to our Vet about the situation. He felt Bennett was prepared and would react well to a baby. Oh my, how wrong could we be. My hospital stay was a night longer than normal because of jaundice issues, so he was excited/confused when I got home. In fact, it took him a minute to figure out who I was. I’m sure I smelled different and looked way different from the day we left. After a couple of minutes though he remembered and mauled me. I was worried about him while I was gone, even though David and my mom had taken care of him! He actually didn’t even care about the car seat or strange human in it…until she made noise and we took her out of it. He FLIPPED. He never growled or acted like he was after Milah, but he was pissed at us! He cried like a little kid would getting a new baby sister or brother. Bennett was not happy. My husband was worried he would develop aggression towards Milah, but he never did. Bennett and Milah’s first meeting.


The first night home was an interesting one. He does sleep in our bed and was not happy about this tiny, noisy thing in our bed. She slept in a co-sleeper next to our bed, but was in and out of it for nursing and changing. David finally got tired of hearing him whine, so David made him a bed on the floor and made him sleep there. Luckily, that was the only night-time issue we had.

The next few days, my mother babied Bennett. He understood that I needed to breastfeed and hold the baby quit a bit and would even lay next to her on my lap. He wasn’t pleased with sharing my lap, but he adjusted. He definitely stuck close to my mom though. Bennett would even start showing interest in Milah when she would cry or move in her co-sleeper. The longer we let him interact with her, the more he loved her!044

Bennett eventually went into a stage of not really caring what went on. He knew I had to take care of Milah and knew her needs came first. But the minute David got home, he was a different dog. If David held Milah before he loved Bennett, he gave David the cold shoulder all night. He figured that mommy took care of the baby, why does daddy need to pay attention to her. This went on for about two weeks, this phase also passed.

Shortly after Milah started eating solids and eating “adult” foods, he LOVED her. She always had food on her face and would always feed him from her plate, which she still does that to this day. Bennett circles around her chair waiting for droppings. This is the real reason he is 3 pounds overweight.


Today they are best friends and are normally getting in trouble together. They even fight like siblings! We are wondering how he is going to act this time around.



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