Labor and Delivery story with Milah

This one is going to be long…sorry! I had an amazing pregnancy with Milah, but a terrible labor and delivery. Thank God they make epidurals!

April 25th 2012-I finally get to pick my mother up from the airport! The Norfolk, VA airport is set up weird and their “1-hour parking” was completely full and, of course, their short-term parking is almost full, so I had walk my fat little, basketball looking self from the back of the parking lot. Luckily, the weather was perfect and it isn’t that bad of a waddle…

April 26th 2012-My final (hoping) doctor’s appt! I still wasn’t dilated and the nurses and doctors are all confused as to why I haven’t delivered yet! Most of them thought I would go early due to the pressure on my cervix. My doctor stripped my membranes and sent me home telling me that if I don’t go before Monday April 30th, they would induce me. My due date was the 1st of May. Mom and I did my errands and got a few things for the weekend, expecting to be home all weekend.

April 27th 2012-2AM, Contractions are in full swing and I am fairly certain this is it! Contractions are intense and we make our way to the hospital. We get there only to find out the contractions aren’t close enough and I am not dilated. UGH! The nurse gives me Ambien to help me sleep and sends us home. Even with the sleep aid in my system, I can not sleep through the contractions and am up every 8-10 mins with back labor now. My poor husband still had to work the next day. I slept until 3PM that afternoon trying to sleep off the Ambien. I really am in no mood to eat or drink anything but my mom forces me to do so. This night, the contractions get stronger and harder to sleep through.

April 28th 2012-The worst day ever! My poor mom, she comes to VA to maybe get out and see the coast a little bit and now she is stuck in our tiny apartment rubbing my back every 5 mins. She did clean a lot though! The back labor was horrific this day. All I could do is lay on the couch and whine and cry. She rubbed my lower back until I was sore and didn’t want my back rubbed, then she iced it until my husband got home from work. She forced me water to stay hydrated and tried to make eat, that didn’t work though. My poor puppy laid next to me wondering if I was dying. When David got home he called the hospital to find out what we needed to do, they recommended a warm bath, which didn’t help. By the time I got in and out of the bath tub, I was cold and the contractions were stronger and closer together. We decided we were heading back to the hospital. We arrived to Triage at 6pm and admitted by 7pm. I was finally dilated to a 3! I asked the nurse to have the anesthesiologist waiting for me in my room and he was! He was the best one! I didn’t feel anything, he worked quick and even told me I was his best patient ever! I was so relieved after two days of back labor to finally be comfortable again. But my poor husband and mother were exhausted! They slept through the night while I laid awake, excited for Milah’s arrival! I dilated slowly through the night and could finally feel the contractions in my stomach rather than in my back. (Bennett never left my side)


April 29th 2012-930am, dilated to an 8, my nurse says they next time she checks on me, she is going to break my water. About 10 mins later, my water breaks on it’s own and I quickly go from an 8 to a 10! They start getting everything set up and I start pushing around 10am. I pushed for 2 hours! Ugh. I was getting exhausted by the time my doctor comes to check progress. Milah’s head was getting swollen and my birth canal was starting to swell also. I pushed a couple of times for my doctor and while she is moving down the canal, she isn’t coming fast enough. My doctor gives me the option of forceps or vacuum extraction. I did not want them to use forceps, I have heard horror stories about those. But either way, I was having an assisted birth. After getting the suction cup on Milah’s head, two more contractions and she is finally here! My doctor immediately told me why she was a hard one to push out, she had a large head! The NICU team inspects Milah while my placenta delivers and I receive two stitches for minimal tears. I was finally done! I couldn’t wait to see what she looked like or hold her! We waited so long for her!

Milah Danelle Paquin-born April 29, 2012 at 12:11pm 7lbs, 2oz 19 3/4 inches long


She was absolutely perfect! We couldn’t wait to watch her grow!


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