First Pregnancy with Milah

Pregnancy with Milah, truly the best pregnancy ever. No issues, no morning sickness (at all) and no outrageous weight gain! I will try to keep this a very basic week by week post! I actually think that everything is bi-weekly or more!

8 weeks and 1st OB appt.-always a fun one; blood drawn while you are holding in 4 glasses of water for an ultrasound, not fun! Getting to hear you baby’s heartbeat for the first time is like having an out of body experience! I had never been to an ultrasound for a pregnancy before, so it was amazing! I may have teared up a little bit! I was actually 10 pounds down from my 5 week mark. Why? I have no idea, I ate like I supposed to but slept a lot. I really feel like that only reason I didn’t gain 30 or more pounds was the fact that I worked (hard) on my feet 30 plus hours a week.  (8 week ultrasound below)


10 week “pop-out”-Not that I had the “perfect” flat stomach or amazing abs, because I didn’t, but any chances were gone now! The 10 week pop out didn’t fail. During my exam at my 8 week appt, my doctor told me I would show probably quicker than most women due to forward tilted uterus. I’m not sure how much truth is behind that theory but she was right! She has also informed me that I would carry low and have a ton of cervical pressure in my third trimester. I don’t know how she knew all this, but it was scary accurate! Exhaustion had taken over my life, I slept before and after work and slept a lot on my days off. My husband thought he was on the verge of starvation by this time! (10 week)330289_243634609022280_1624052721_o

15 weeks-Ugh, there goes my favorite pair of work pants and every pair of Silver Jeans, Buckle Jeans and my belts! Big, but not big enough to convince my clients of the person growing inside of me yet! I just looked like I ate too much Halloween Candy at this point. (15 weeks)


20 weeks-The fun week! Ever since I announced the pregnancy, people always have their theories about gender. Sounds crazy, but everyone will put their (sometimes) unwanted opinion in there! We actually had a fun game on Facebook going with all of my amazing friends! Sadly, I picked the wrong team and lost. David’s first words when he found out we were having a girl, “I might need to buy a gun!” I was a little bummed to find out we were having a girl, but quickly got over it when we started shopping and building her baby registry. Either way, we were just excited to have a healthy baby girl growing inside! That excitement was short lived though. Three days later we found out she had a calcium deposit on her heart and we flipped. My midwife sent me to a high-risk Ultrasound for a level 2 sonogram. We later found that it was in a spot that wouldn’t hinder the growth of her heart and her development. The specialist also informed us that the deposit would probably dissolve by itself over time! (20 weeks)


25 weeks-I felt amazing and I gained my first 2 pounds! The fear of the calcium deposit was well behind us and because we were past the half way point, we were getting super excited! Then the heartburn set in…night after night of stacking pillows to raise my head was getting old! Not to mention the bottles and bottles of Tums I ate! I couldn’t even drink water without getting heartburn. This would continue until I delivered Milah. (25 weeks) 397941_301812796537794_515675707_n

28 weeks-A lot going on now! Moving into my third trimester and having cervical pressure just like my Midwife told me. We were also getting ready to drive from Virginia to Iowa for my baby shower! Driving 24 hours in a Ford Focus is not fun. Not enough room to stretch out and because it was February, we hit snow in Ohio. Luckily, it was the really light fluffy snow and it only snowed for about an hour when we drove out of it! The super terrible part of this road trip, our GPS decided to take us off Highway 64 and detour us through the foothills of Kentucky and Ohio. Literally the most hilly and winding roads I have ever been on, which is not fun for me with motion sickness. When we arrived in Iowa, we were exhausted! Baby shower was amazing and we got A TON of clothes! (28 weeks) 418306_315653608487046_564290353_n

30 weeks-I officially can not reach or see my feet, or the dog when he stands under them. Heartburn still in full affect and now I am eating enough at each meal to feed the Navy base 10 minutes from us. I craved Spaghetti like nobody’s business and had to pee every 5 minutes! I was put on a weight restriction due to the cervical pressure. I almost need to help getting in and out of our Focus, also. I will say the people on the East Coast are much friendlier when asking about pregnancy. They don’t want to offend you, so now I am getting questions from my clients. One of my clients is a detective for the city Police station and is now worried about my ability to fend off someone if needed. He brings me three bottles of pepper spray and teaches me how to stab someone with my car keys if needed. (30 weeks)


33 weeks-David’s parents were in town to help set up the nursery and for work. My husband and his father worked for the same company but at different plants. My father in law, being the Vice President of the company, visited a lot! I decided to share the 3D experience with my mother in law! We had a blast and couldn’t wait to set up the nursery that week! We worked so hard, it was exhausting! (33 weeks)430145_339493462769727_1885244657_n

37 weeks-I am officially on Maternity Leave! The girls at work were rejoicing, I apparently was not a nice pregnant women! Still have horrific heartburn, but now I get stuck on the couch if I lay the wrong way…my husband thought this was funny. Officially full-term and was ready! I was having inconsistent contractions that didn’t do anything except wake me during the night and annoy me during my nesting phase! I hadn’t dilated at all until my 39 week appt. (37 weeks)


38 weeks-UGH! I’m done with this. I was uncomfortable and hot, all the time! My mom was going to be in town in a few days and the baby had to come while she was here! I waddled everywhere and had huge bruise on the back of my arm from the frame of my car where I had to very carefully hoist myself out of the Focus. On the bright side, my maternity pictures were this week and they turned out amazing! My salon had even thrown me a little baby shower with so much food and a ton more of baby items! I really did work with the best girls! (38 weeks) Photo credit: Purple Owl Photography, Poquoson, VA


39 weeks, 1 day-My mommy was in Virginia!!! I was beyond excited and suddenly at peace with the nerves of labor and delivery! I, now, was so grateful to have my mother there. I got to experience back labor, for 48 hours. And I’m not talking about the back labor that is like a back ache or pain when you get your period. I am talking about ALL back labor, every contraction I had was in my lower back, for two days! Thankfully, by the time Saturday evening came around, I had dilated enough for L&D to keep me! And the first thing I did was ask for the epidural. Wish granted! (39 weeks) 380242_373970165988723_343097589_n

Labor and Delivery story up next!

Thank you!    Patricia


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