First positive pregnancy test after 1 year of NO’s

Milah was an incredible pregnancy! David and I tried for a complete year before we conceived with our first. I still remember the look on his face when I shoved a positive pregnancy test into it at 6:30 am! Two weeks prior to this day, we attended our best friends’ wedding that may have had an open bar! We literally danced and drank the entire weekend away!

August 26-28th, 2011-We got to experience our first Hurricane (and earthquake, all in one week). Of course, we flipped, drove north to Richmond, VA to “hunker down”. On Friday, we both had to work until at least 5 pm, so while I was getting ready for work, I felt super nauseous and even threw up, which, I thought was nerves. I had no idea what to expect from Hurricane Irene and growing up in the Midwest, you only experience tornadoes, and those things just fall from the sky. There is no planning for that kind of thing. Went to work, which was actually busy for being the day before Irene hit Virginia. Apparently everyone wanted/needed their hair done for a natural disaster! David and I packed up Bennett and some of our clothes and entertainment for the weekend and headed north. Saturday-I literally thought I was dying! I had horrific cramps and just knew my cycle was coming. I napped and read for awhile to  try and keep my mind off of Irene and the cramps. We lost power later Saturday afternoon at the hotel and, OH GOD, we were bored. Laptops and phones only last so long when you can’t charge them! The wind howled and the rained poured down the entire day Saturday and most of the night. Sunday morning was a blessing from above though! We woke to the sunniest skies ever! Thank the Lord! We drove home and cleaned up the apartment, only to find out our buildings didn’t even lose power. UGH. But we were grateful no one in our area was hurt and most everyone had minimal damage.

August 29th, 2011-Work…again! Our salon, as many walls of pure glass that we had, wasn’t even fazed! Felt great to be back after that terrible weekend! Worked all day with those weird, painful cramps. I was waiting for my cycle to begin. These cramps were different though, they would come and go during the day. I thought I was constipated from the stressful weekend. I felt like this cycle was different though, weird cramps and super tender breasts, which I NEVER get when menstruating. Towards the end of my shift, I was helping one of my co-workers flat iron her hair and explained the cramps and weird symptoms to her. She literally spun her chair around and yelled “YOU’RE PREGNANT!” Thankfully, no clients were in the salon at this time. So, I went to the store after work and got a test because I was going to prove her wrong. I just knew my cycle was starting…

August 30th, 2011-My first positive test! I didn’t even know what to do. I called my mom and told her about that morning’s excitement and, like any mom would, “call your doctor!” So that is what I did; called, made an appointment and tried not to spill the beans to anyone else. I had a hard time with that one. David had called a couple of hours before the appt. and needed his laptop from home. While I was running that over, his mother called and wanted to know what I had planned for the day. That was when I accidentally spilled the first bean. I mentioned a doctor’s appt that she didn’t know about, and she would know about most of them because I tell my mother in law almost everything! She immediately had questions. So I told her but warned her not to get excited, could be false. She didn’t listen, she was excited! Doctor’s appt went as expected, pee in a cup and wait for 45 mins while we test it to see if you are pregnant. I was having a heart attack waiting for the nurse to let me know what was going on! She congratulated me and told me an estimated due date and gave me a referral to an Ob-gyn. I call to confirm it with David, my mom and my mother in law.

We couldn’t even keep it a secret, after family and close friends were told, we announced it that night, to make it “Facebook Official”. After a whole year of trying and getting negative tests, we had finally done it! And then the exhaustion set it!



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