13 weeks and 2 days

Baby Paquin #2 has already been busy this week. Thought I felt fetal movement the other day and wasn’t sure. Definitely sure of it tonight! I haven’t been feeling well all day so I thought it was just tummy grumbles, but laying on bed on my stomach proved it to be fetal movement!

I was around 18 weeks pregnant with Milah before I felt her move, but I have been told that it happens sooner the second time around due to the experience of feeling it before.

Boring note-we are getting more snow and frigid temps again this week in Missouri. I am kind of missing Hampton, Virginia right now! I waited too long this morning to run to the grocery store and was shopping with a million other people who were out for blood! Not only because of the bad weather, but it was also the first Kansas City Chiefs playoff game in like 20 years (they lost). We are not looking forward to the Polar Vortex that will be sweeping the greater Midwest area Sunday/Monday.

Everyone please have a safe weekend! Especially if you are traveling in the Midwest!

Patricia Paquin



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