New Years resolution alert-my resolution was to spend less time on Facebook (sorry), and write a blog about our little family!

Starting off with introductions.

My name is Patricia Paquin, I am married to a wonderful man, and we have an amazing little girl who will be 2 in April. My husband, David, was introduced to me in 2009 and we married a little over a year later! We have moved all over and now reside in Missouri. Milah is our daughter and she is an absolute joy! We really did get lucky with her! Even if she is getting close to her terrible two’s!

We also have a little Miniature Schnauzer, Bennett! He is kind of our first born. We got him while trying to conceive Milah and I toted the poor little guy everywhere!

AND!!! We also just found out we are expecting another bundle of joy (poor Bennett) in July 2014!

Please feel free to ask any questions, as I will be doing weekly updates on my 2nd pregnancy! I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge! My goal is to run this blog and maybe do some videos while I’m at it!

Thank you for visiting!!!

Patricia paquin

402531_466305820088490_1473238352_n     November 2012


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