16 to 17 week-Pregnancy update

Ugh…week 16 wasn’t bad other than Milah was sick and I was exhausted for the lack of sleep. And now, entering week 17, I have the cold! Thanks Mimi!

My doctor’s appt went great, still haven’t gained any weight, which is normal for me. I talked to my Ob-gyn about a few things I was interested in trying during birth and afterwards. She is totally on board and reassured me that all the doctor’s and our hospital are very good about meeting the needs or demands of a birth plan!

The first thing I discussed with her was delayed cord clamping. We kind of did this with Milah, but because she had to be vacuumed out, we couldn’t wait as long as we wanted to due to the NICU team waiting to check her over. Delayed cord clamping is basically just waiting for the cord to stop pulsating and getting most of the blood from the placenta into the baby as possible. It has amazing health benefits for the baby, especially for preemie babies. The baby receives more iron and is less likely to have anemia issues in the next few months. I have read some articles that are claiming this to be an issue for jaundice. I talked to my doctor and she said there is no proof behind it, just because your baby is getting more blood doesn’t mean their body won’t break it down. Jaundice is a billirubin level issue and not a “blood supply” issue. Either way, it’s worth a shot!

The second thing we discussed is Placenta Encapsulation. Now, I know it sounds gross, I made my dad, who used to buy us bras and tampons, cringe at the word. My mom and I were surprised that he even knew what a placenta was. Placenta Encapsulation is consumption of the placenta, yes, but not like eating it raw or throwing chunks into a smoothie. It will be drained of any remaining blood, steamed, dehydrated and then blended into a powder fine enough for little capsules. I have done TONS of research and have asked TONS of questions on this topic. Some health benefits that I was/am very interested in are increased milk supply. I struggled with my milk supply for Milah, I tried everything from Mother’s Milk tea, lactation cookies, a nursing blend supplement and Fenugreek. I also drank tons of water and never took hot showers or baths. But I also had to supplement Milah with formula due to her jaundice, which will not happen again. Other benefits range from; helping postpartum depression, healing your body/uterus quicker, and holds Oxytocin, for pain and bonding and Hemoglobin for any iron deficiencies or anemia issues. I tend to be anemic anyways, so this was another benefit for me.

I also get to go in at 19 weeks for my anatomy/gender scan! I am having the hardest time waiting for anything happen with this pregnancy compared to Milah. We should be able to announce on Valentine’s Day what the gender is, if the little one cooperates and shows us!


Milah is sick…and I am tired.

I knew it was going to happen, but the fact that we went almost 22 months without it happening is amazing. Not only that but we had traveled to Iowa for the weekend to visit family.

We got into Iowa right around dinner time Thursday night. She was fine until around 930 pm. Her nose started to run and she has never, ever had a runny nose or a fever. It went downhill from there. By 130am, Milah had started crying in her crib so I moved her to my bed. She then spiked a fever of about 102 degrees, so I stripped her down. She was never fussy after I laid her down with me but I knew it was going to be a long weekend. I cancelled any plans I had made so I could tend to her.

Friday morning I called her pediatrician to find out what I needed to do. They wanted me to break the fever first with Tylenol and Motrin alternated every 4-6 hours and clean her nose out with saline drops and the bulb sucker. So we started medicating. She does fine with Tylenol but didn’t handle the Motrin well. Milah did ok most of the day, until she woke up from a late afternoon nap and there was more family and a new puppy at my mom’s house. She cried most of that night until we gave her a warm bath and she had a massive poopy diaper.

Friday night was horrific. She didn’t sleep well and every time she would move, she started crying and saying ouchie! We made a decision and we almost left the next morning for home. I called the local clinic in my home town and found that they were taking walk-ins until noon and they accepted our insurance. Thank God, we needed to have Milah seen by a doctor. We found out she had a super bad cold and a slight ear infection. We were able to get some antibiotics and some other medicine for her cough and nose. But the crying after waking from naps and in the morning were still happening. I had to miss the bridal fair and a family dinner to make sure she was comfortable and some what happy. Saturday night she slept much better but still not the best. The crying had stopped but the tossing and turning and coughing still continued.

We decided to leave by noon or so on Sunday due to snow and wind coming in. She didn’t eat any breakfast and slept in the recliner instead. I actually had to play hair stylist that morning and cut some family’s hair. We left around 1230pm and headed south. Milah slept almost the entire ride home. Which was good and bad, she was quiet but then she was awake for 3 hours in the middle of the night that night.

I have been laying her down with me that last few nights. We have a spare bed and I wanted David to get to good rest because of the weekend.

Tuesday was a completely different day, she played and was happy. Wednesday was even better. She slept all night and didn’t wake until 930am. The weather was beautiful so we ran a few errands and looked at a couple of twin beds! Bennett has been amazing this last week, he was definitely worried about his baby sister. He never whined or begged.

David and I on the other hand have both woke up with sore throats and stuffy noses. Milah is on the down side of her cold and is a completely different girl today! Her nose is still runny but she is eating and playing like before. She loved bed shopping an we can’t wait for the weekend!
The difference between a couple of nights!



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Things no one told me about birth and babies…until then!

I have read hundreds of these articles and with every one that I read, I laugh harder than the one before. I knew what to except for the most part; bleeding, possible tearing, maybe some emotions and not being able to fit into your pre-pregnancy pants! Here is a list that I never knew about…

1. Pushing. I had no idea that some women push for hours on end before either delivering vaginally or by c-sections. My older sister had very tiny babies, all weighing around 5 or so lbs., they all were also a couple weeks early. Around my 38 week check up, my mid-wife told me she was just at a birth that morning and the lady pushed for 3+ hours. I never thought I would ever have to push for more than an hour…I was wrong.

2. Back Labor. I knew about back labor, but only thought it happened to women with posterior positioned babies. I had back labor 2 days and Milah was anterior! And I didn’t have the little aches and pains back labor, I had the “please kill me now” back labor. I tried everything; I was on my hands and knees, trying to relieve pain and I tried ice and heat. Nothing worked.

3. Stripping Membranes. Just don’t do it. This is where my back labor came in and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone! It doesn’t feel that great when the Doctor does it either.

4. Hemorrhoids. Let’s not go there. This one is pretty self explanatory for any pregnant woman…and if you didn’t get them, the rest of us hate you!

5. Breastfeeding. I come from a long line of fertile, breastfeeding women. I thought breastfeeding would come easy. It did for the most part, except Milah was extremely jaundice and had to be supplemented with formula. I should have stopped the supplementing after bringing her home, but I was naive. I did nurse her for 8 months, which was pretty good for a first timer! Luckily, I had pumped quit a bit of milk, so I had some stashed in the freezer to give her after she self weaned!

6. Night sweats. Oh My Lord. No one, and I repeat, NO ONE, told me about this. I had Milah on a Sunday and we stayed until Wednesday due to jaundice issues. I swear, that I woke up several times every night disgustingly sweaty! Beyond gross. Luckily, I had amazing nurses during the night and they would come in help me redress and air out before crawling back into bed.

7. Bringing home your newborn. I wasn’t too worried about being a new or a first time mom. I came from a very large family, who never stops reproducing! I was worried about our puppy, who didn’t do well the first couple of days, but warmed up to her eventually! The first night home though is extremely exhausting. Not because she kept us awake or screamed, but because you just brought a newborn home, into your home, and now you don’t have nurses to help you! I didn’t sleep very well the first few nights due to a Bilirubin light for the jaundice! It definitely takes about a week or so home to fully adjust to a newborn in your life. If she got too worked up about a latch or having her diaper changed, I would take her into the living room and settle her down.

8. Bed-sharing. My pediatrician encouraged bed sharing and told me how to do it safely. Now, I understand it’s not 100% safe. It is a very dangerous thing that could cause SIDs, I knew this. We had a great system though and it seemed to work for us. Some people bed share with their children until they are well past 1 year old or beyond. We only did it for 4 months. There is nothing easier than pulling your tank top down to nurse your baby. My mother in law hated it, she literally thought Milah would sleep in our bed until she was 10. After we moved her into her own crib at about 6 months (she slept in a co-sleeper next to our bed from 4-6 months old), she started sleeping through the night and started sleeping 10+ hours!

9. Crib sleeping. Speaking of sleeping through the night. The first time you put your baby in their crib at night, you WILL NOT sleep! Even David laid awake that night. We would fall asleep for an hour or so, but would roll over to check the baby monitor several times that night. Milah slept so good, never even waking the first night. Now, it did take some sleep training to get her that way. She still woke at least once a night to nurse and as she got older, I would lay her down awake, but tired and she would put herself to sleep. Not very often does she wake during the night now!

10. Paranoia. You will be paranoid about everything. Is her room the right temp, is her car seat installed correctly, taking her in public around people, are you holding her too much or too little, she just touched her ear “oh god, she has an ear infection”. We lived 24 hours and 1300 miles away from family and I was freaked! Thank God I had an amazing pediatrician who understood my paranoia and didn’t judge me! I had my mom with me for about 10 days or so after Milah was born, but dropping her off at the airport was difficult, not only because I would miss her but I didn’t want to be left alone with a newborn! I must say that living that far away from family was probably the best though. We get to raise Milah our way without a lot of other people trying to help and I got to learn a lot of maternal instincts by myself. Worrying is a good thing, just try to be relaxed and if something is really bothering you, call your pediatrician!

11. Body Image. Finally, your body, it will change! Some for the good, most not! Breastfeeding is a great way to lose A TON of the baby weight. But eating healthy and staying active is the best way. I did great until Milah was done nursing, then I gained a few pounds. I don’t work, so I don’t get out like before. We also were down to one vehicle living in Virginia and I couldn’t run around either. We did live on the second floor of our building, so hauling a 50-60 pound stroller up and down the stairs was a good work out. We didn’t live in the greatest neighborhood in VA, so walking around the block was “against David’s rules”. We did live around the corner from the grocery store, so I did walk a little bit. Our complex in Missouri is an actual apartment complex. So last summer I got out a lot. Bennett loves walks and Milah just chills in her stroller! This next summer should be great. I’m due in July and will probably keep walking until I go into labor! Then I will start up again after the next one is born and maybe take Bennett on his own walks!

Hope someone finds this helpful…if not, at least a little amusing!

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Bringing Milah home to Bennett


This is our sweet little Bennett. He came to us after we had moved from Iowa to Virginia. David was traveling a lot and I was home by myself at least once a month for a few days. My husband is also very allergic to dogs, cats and basically 1/3 of the outdoors. Bennett is a Miniature Schnauzer and considered to be “hypoallergenic”, He doesn’t shed or have dander, and he was the perfect size for our tiny apartment. We bought Bennett 6 months into trying to conceive with our 1st and because I didn’t work at the time, I toted him everywhere with me and babied him like he was our first born! 5 months after bringing him home we found out we were pregnant…

We did everything to prepare him; took him around families, brought a baby doll home and even brought a hat that Milah had worn for him to smell before we brought her in. I read several books, blogs, and talked to our Vet about the situation. He felt Bennett was prepared and would react well to a baby. Oh my, how wrong could we be. My hospital stay was a night longer than normal because of jaundice issues, so he was excited/confused when I got home. In fact, it took him a minute to figure out who I was. I’m sure I smelled different and looked way different from the day we left. After a couple of minutes though he remembered and mauled me. I was worried about him while I was gone, even though David and my mom had taken care of him! He actually didn’t even care about the car seat or strange human in it…until she made noise and we took her out of it. He FLIPPED. He never growled or acted like he was after Milah, but he was pissed at us! He cried like a little kid would getting a new baby sister or brother. Bennett was not happy. My husband was worried he would develop aggression towards Milah, but he never did. Bennett and Milah’s first meeting.


The first night home was an interesting one. He does sleep in our bed and was not happy about this tiny, noisy thing in our bed. She slept in a co-sleeper next to our bed, but was in and out of it for nursing and changing. David finally got tired of hearing him whine, so David made him a bed on the floor and made him sleep there. Luckily, that was the only night-time issue we had.

The next few days, my mother babied Bennett. He understood that I needed to breastfeed and hold the baby quit a bit and would even lay next to her on my lap. He wasn’t pleased with sharing my lap, but he adjusted. He definitely stuck close to my mom though. Bennett would even start showing interest in Milah when she would cry or move in her co-sleeper. The longer we let him interact with her, the more he loved her!044

Bennett eventually went into a stage of not really caring what went on. He knew I had to take care of Milah and knew her needs came first. But the minute David got home, he was a different dog. If David held Milah before he loved Bennett, he gave David the cold shoulder all night. He figured that mommy took care of the baby, why does daddy need to pay attention to her. This went on for about two weeks, this phase also passed.

Shortly after Milah started eating solids and eating “adult” foods, he LOVED her. She always had food on her face and would always feed him from her plate, which she still does that to this day. Bennett circles around her chair waiting for droppings. This is the real reason he is 3 pounds overweight.


Today they are best friends and are normally getting in trouble together. They even fight like siblings! We are wondering how he is going to act this time around.



Paquin baby #2-entire update to 14 weeks

This came to us as a surprise…a “planned surprise” I have heard it called. We were planning and trying to get pregnant, we thought it would take some time like it did with Milah. Boy, we were wrong! One cycle, one “time”, that’s it (maybe two margaritas). I ovulated the middle of October and on my husband’s 28th birthday, we found out we were going to be parents again!

November 2nd, 2013-The two weeks leading up to this day were weird. Food aversions, no cravings, no “weird” cramps like I had with Milah, no tender breasts, nothing. The only thing that made me think I was pregnant was the fact that drinking coffee made me sick to my stomach. I can not function without coffee, I knew something was wrong. I had actually tested shortly after ovulation and received a negative. I also knew it was way too early to be testing. So I waited until closer to my next cycle. David’s family had just been to Disney and were planning to stay the weekend with us for David’s birthday. Bennett, being the amazing dog that he is, had me up so early that morning so I ran him out and forgot to test that morning. I really had forgotten about testing that day until my sister in law scolded me. Around noon I finally remembered to test…it’s never good to test in the middle of the afternoon and still get a positive. I quickly called my mother in law into the bathroom, even though I was shaking and my heart was pounding. She was ecstatic! So I sent a text to my husband.

Tricia Iphone

November 7th, 2013-Confirmation doctor’s appt. Also fun trying to push around a stroller into a tiny little bathroom to pee in a cup and then into a tiny little lab to have blood drawn. I was exactly 5 weeks and would be due on July 10th, 2014. I met the nurses and loved them! From here on out, I experienced nausea and pure exhaustion. I had a hard time keeping up with Milah! She is so busy! The nurses told me to take one Dramamine right before bed and I would feel fine the next morning, that trick worked like they said. I never had nausea with Milah, unless I got super hungry.

10 weeks (12.12.13)-Nothing had really changed. I was still taking Dramamine and still getting nauseous from time to time. I really was doing pretty good. I have a friend who is suffering from HG or hyperemesis gravidarum, which is extreme morning sickness/vomiting. I wish I could make it go away, she has been poked so many times by nurses for IV’s, she looks like she was drug around by her arms.

12 weeks (12.26.13)-First appt with my Ob-gyn. I had to have an exam, but got to express a lot of concerns and worries. I wanted to make sure she was on board with a few things that I want to do when I go into labor and when I delivery baby #2.

13 weeks (1.2.14)-My nausea has basically disappeared! I am no longer taking Dramamine and I am not waking up icky. My dear friend is still struggling with HG though. She is roughly 4 weeks ahead of me, I am praying for her to feel better! I also had a little stress/drama this week and decided to not let it bother me. I had other things to worry about and that was not one of them.

14 weeks (1.9.14)-I am feeling a lot better! I get amazing bursts of energy and can get a few things done before I’m out again. I have not been sleeping well at night though. A. I have a tooth bothering me, which I need to call me dentist. B. We need a new mattress. I have to fight my way out of the center of the bed every night! I always wake up with a neck ache!


I will be 15 weeks on Jan 16th 2014. I will try to do weekly or bi-weekly updates!


Labor and Delivery story with Milah

This one is going to be long…sorry! I had an amazing pregnancy with Milah, but a terrible labor and delivery. Thank God they make epidurals!

April 25th 2012-I finally get to pick my mother up from the airport! The Norfolk, VA airport is set up weird and their “1-hour parking” was completely full and, of course, their short-term parking is almost full, so I had walk my fat little, basketball looking self from the back of the parking lot. Luckily, the weather was perfect and it isn’t that bad of a waddle…

April 26th 2012-My final (hoping) doctor’s appt! I still wasn’t dilated and the nurses and doctors are all confused as to why I haven’t delivered yet! Most of them thought I would go early due to the pressure on my cervix. My doctor stripped my membranes and sent me home telling me that if I don’t go before Monday April 30th, they would induce me. My due date was the 1st of May. Mom and I did my errands and got a few things for the weekend, expecting to be home all weekend.

April 27th 2012-2AM, Contractions are in full swing and I am fairly certain this is it! Contractions are intense and we make our way to the hospital. We get there only to find out the contractions aren’t close enough and I am not dilated. UGH! The nurse gives me Ambien to help me sleep and sends us home. Even with the sleep aid in my system, I can not sleep through the contractions and am up every 8-10 mins with back labor now. My poor husband still had to work the next day. I slept until 3PM that afternoon trying to sleep off the Ambien. I really am in no mood to eat or drink anything but my mom forces me to do so. This night, the contractions get stronger and harder to sleep through.

April 28th 2012-The worst day ever! My poor mom, she comes to VA to maybe get out and see the coast a little bit and now she is stuck in our tiny apartment rubbing my back every 5 mins. She did clean a lot though! The back labor was horrific this day. All I could do is lay on the couch and whine and cry. She rubbed my lower back until I was sore and didn’t want my back rubbed, then she iced it until my husband got home from work. She forced me water to stay hydrated and tried to make eat, that didn’t work though. My poor puppy laid next to me wondering if I was dying. When David got home he called the hospital to find out what we needed to do, they recommended a warm bath, which didn’t help. By the time I got in and out of the bath tub, I was cold and the contractions were stronger and closer together. We decided we were heading back to the hospital. We arrived to Triage at 6pm and admitted by 7pm. I was finally dilated to a 3! I asked the nurse to have the anesthesiologist waiting for me in my room and he was! He was the best one! I didn’t feel anything, he worked quick and even told me I was his best patient ever! I was so relieved after two days of back labor to finally be comfortable again. But my poor husband and mother were exhausted! They slept through the night while I laid awake, excited for Milah’s arrival! I dilated slowly through the night and could finally feel the contractions in my stomach rather than in my back. (Bennett never left my side)


April 29th 2012-930am, dilated to an 8, my nurse says they next time she checks on me, she is going to break my water. About 10 mins later, my water breaks on it’s own and I quickly go from an 8 to a 10! They start getting everything set up and I start pushing around 10am. I pushed for 2 hours! Ugh. I was getting exhausted by the time my doctor comes to check progress. Milah’s head was getting swollen and my birth canal was starting to swell also. I pushed a couple of times for my doctor and while she is moving down the canal, she isn’t coming fast enough. My doctor gives me the option of forceps or vacuum extraction. I did not want them to use forceps, I have heard horror stories about those. But either way, I was having an assisted birth. After getting the suction cup on Milah’s head, two more contractions and she is finally here! My doctor immediately told me why she was a hard one to push out, she had a large head! The NICU team inspects Milah while my placenta delivers and I receive two stitches for minimal tears. I was finally done! I couldn’t wait to see what she looked like or hold her! We waited so long for her!

Milah Danelle Paquin-born April 29, 2012 at 12:11pm 7lbs, 2oz 19 3/4 inches long


She was absolutely perfect! We couldn’t wait to watch her grow!